Castiglione Aldobrando

Starting point: La resina (ristorante Gitana)
Time required: 02:50 h
Change in level: 800 m
Length: 38.60 km
Degree of difficulty: difficult

castiglione2You leave from Resina, following the sign on the right towards Valcaprara. You then climb for 10 km along a very scenic road, easy to cycle and only strenuous in a few places, until you come to Castiglione Aldobrando. This stretch of the route involves a bit less than a 600-metre change in level. You will catch sight of the castle at Castiglione, which stands out on the horizon after the first really hilly section. After this, you will gradually descend and then cycle through a broad grassy saddle covered in lush pasture.

The stretch that follows, to Vocabolo Lo Spaccio, is one of the hardest sections, although not too long. It is also one of the last ascents, as shortly afterwards you reach the highest point of the route. From now on, there are only a few short climbs, with minimal changes in level.

After completing the ascent, you soon leave the main road to turn sharply right and follow a new unpaved road until you come to a crossroads. Here, you turn off towards Monte Urbino-Gubbio, and face a short but steep climb which comes to an end opposite a newly-built house. You then need to follow the clearly visible cart track until reaching the ridge, where the track almost disappears from view.
If you look towards the south-east, you will see a wide depression in the foreground, distinguished by its barren clay soil, and a wooded ridge in the background, which is on your route. To get there, follow the barely visible wheel-marks left in the field by tractors and off-road vehicles.

After passing a few fenced-off areas, you arrive at a crossroads, and take the downhill track to Valmarcola, your next destination. From there, a further stretch leads to the junction with a paved road which takes you down towards S. Cristina – Morleschio. After a short section on the main road, you join a very scenic unpaved road leading down to the Ventia valley. After crossing the stream, you continue along the rough road which leads to the Abbey of Montelabate. At a certain juncture, you join the Via dei Cocci, which descends through extensive olive groves towards the main road, and so takes you back to your starting point.