Mongiovino – Buca del Calcinaro

Starting point: Mongiovino
Time required: 02:40 h
Length: 10.76 km
Degree of difficulty: medium

You set out from Mongiovino cemetery, close to the sanctuary, and continue along the unpaved road towards the hill, where you will see the old village of Mongiovino.

Follow the side of the hill towards Buca del Calcinaro, an undulating area with old farmhouses (some of them dilapidated), numerous olive groves, vineyards, cultivated fields and woods. You continue downhill through an area with numerous ditches, forks and junctions, where it is important to follow the signs very carefully. You then start to climb through thick woodland made up of downy oaks, heather, viburnum, privet and turkey oaks.

These paths make delightful walking at any time of year, and lead you up to Passo Buca del Calcinaro (395 metres a.s.l.). The pass takes its name named for a small furnace once used to slake lime, and whose ruins can still be seen. You need to bear right and head towards Muserale. You pass Vocabolo Scornabecco and continue until you reach the Muserale lay-by area, complete with a shelter for horses, and with Villa di Monte Solare in front of you. The track rises and falls repeatedly, passing through mixed woodland with an abundance of wild asparagus and finally leading back to Buca del Calcinaro.

You need to take the unpaved road for Panicale and then head towards the distinctive summit topped with a crest of trees: Monte Civitella (498 metres a.s.l.). Continue straight on along a scenic unpaved road, passing though olive groves and with fine views of the Nestore river valley, Piegaro, Montarale, Petrarvella and Panicale. Go past Casale Lombo towards the village of Mongiovino Vecchio (490 metres a.s.l.), which is well worth a brief visit.
At the shrine, follow the tarmac road down to Vocabolo Paolinami, where you bear left onto an unpaved road that leads back to the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Mongiovino.